Dyno's and Bouldering in Fontainebleau

Major Content and Features Update

By Guido Boogaard

Dyno's and Bouldering in Fontainebleau thumbnail

The big Dyno's and Bouldering update has arrived! It contains three locations in the boulder-rich Fontainebleau Forest near Paris, many fixes and new features. Plus brand new climbing moves: Dyno's / Jumps!

Thanks everyone who participated in the testing and gave us feedback on the dyno's. It helped a great lot.

And now you can view the leaderboards online! The season has been bumped to Season 1, but the site also works for Season 0. You can find it here: https://newheightsgame.com/leaderboards/. Congratulations to DK37 for having very much dominated Season 0!

Also honourable mentions to runner-ups: pwndnoob, Qbx, Acedog11, SilverFox57, pitti42, NotDK37, Adam_Ondra_Official, Tvinz, Nettur39, Kristoffer, Chlorion, Reaper, ElDull, BBB171, Brand238, Medicated Blunt and SuperJack!

Hope you like the new update as much as we do!

Patch Notes

New Content

  • Training Grounds - Dyno Training - 1 route
  • Fontainebleau - Bas Cuvier - 33 routes
  • Fontainebleau - Chapelle Fourches - 36 routes
  • Fontainebleau - Cul de Chien - 20 routes

New Features

  • Dyno control mode, jumping
  • Online leaderboard on the New Heights website
  • Challenge players from the leaderboard - with magnet links
  • In-game leaderboard filters: personal / global / friends
  • Leaderboard seasons
  • Fall time penalty
  • Made character rotatable in customization screen
  • New achievements for the new locations

New Options

  • Rebindable controls
  • Target FPS slider
  • Automatic camera reset
  • Automatic releasing limbs
  • Automatically place legs
  • Competitive ghost options
  • Automatic release limb option
  • Falling duration before respawn


  • Stars system - local unlocks per location
  • Travel menu layout & controller support
  • Options menu controller support
  • Images in tutorial now respond to controller / mkb modes

Climbing changes

  • Inverse support made more powerful
  • More power to pull up from situations like overhang
  • Less grab range around the hands/feet

Fixed issues

  • Broken localized login flow fixed
  • Some route stop/restart/out of bound flow issues fixed
  • Controller layout issues fixed
  • Navigation edge-cases fixed
  • Game starting in very low resolution
  • Sometimes missing shoe graphic fixed
  • You could walk before the countdown ended in timed mode fixed
  • Fixed a few cases in which the character physics would explode

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